High street round up: Motorola leads prepay charts

High street round up: Motorola leads prepay charts
Recent price drops have seen the RAZR propelled once again to the top of the prepay sales charts.

The phone is now available for as little as £79.95 from Phones 4U and £84.95 from the Carphone Warehouse, and is enjoying very strong demand from customers. Sales of the pink V3 have also picked up considerably in recent weeks, although the device is still a long way from repeating last year's outstanding performance in the sales charts.

Motorola’s L6 also continues to sell well, with the price now down to only £49.95 at Phones 4U. Sales of the slimline device are thought to have been boosted by the Carphone Warehouse’s and Motorola’s marketing for the L7, which boasts a similar design but at a slightly higher price point.

Sales of the L7 itself have been somewhat lacklustre, however. The phone barely makes it into the Carphone Warehouse’s and Phones 4U’s respective top 20 lists, with sales almost entirely down to the Carphone Warehouse’s exclusive RED variant.

Nokia is continuing its grip on the ultra low-budget market, however, with both the 1100 and 1600 devices still performing strongly. The Carphone Warehouse is also enjoying good sales of Motorola’s C118, although its V220 clamshell is proving a more popular choice.

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