Vodafone preparing new dual persona phones for businesses

Vodafone preparing new dual persona phones for businesses

Vodafone Global Enterprise is launching a new dual persona service for business customers next month that allows employees to use their devices for both business and personal use.

Nick Webb, head of solutions marketing at Vodafone Global Enterprise, said the launch was in response to the growing Bring Your Own Device trend, where employees use their own phones for work purposes.

He argued the traditional top-down method of employers giving their workforce one device with no choice was outdated. ‘It used to be a case in work that someone would say to an employee, “here’s your computer, here’s the software that runs on it and if you don’t like it, we don’t care”’, said Webb. ‘Now if you want people to be more productive, you have to be flexible and accommodating to their needs.’

The dual persona service will be available across a range of devices and operating systems. Webb claimed it would make things easier for businesses as they can offer customers a select range of devices that can easily ringfence sensitive work data under a Choose Your Own Device framework. He said it provides a simpler alternative to a worker carrying two phones – one for personal use and one for work.

He added: ‘Choose Your Own Device is the right balance between providing a customer with choice but not leaving it open-ended. It also means the demand for the service is lessened. For example, it helps when running a helpdesk as you have a set range of devices on one operating system, making it more manageable for businesses and for us.’

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