Mozilla recruits global marketing head for Firefox OS launch

Mozilla recruits global marketing head for Firefox OS launch

John Bernard, global head of marketing for Ubuntu OS, is set to join Mozilla Firefox next week as the global director of marketing & product.

It's believed Bernard will focus on the Firefox Phone OS, which will be launched next year as the latest mobile phone operating system, competing with Microsoft's Windows Phone and Google's Android.

Bernard, who previously held roles as marketing director at LG Mobile and globally at Sony Ericsson, will be responsible for growing the brand in the mobile phone industry as well as launching Firefox OS handsets into operators and retailers.

According to a source, Mozilla, currently expanding the global marketing workforce, is going to launch handsets in Brazil in March of next year, with a European roll-out close behind.

A number of mobile phone manufacturers and operators are already tied into producing Firefox handsets, including ZTE, according to the source.

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Good recruit for Mozilla, John Bernard is well respected within the Telco world.
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