Huawei, Samsung and Telefonica back new UK 5G research centre

Huawei, Samsung and Telefonica back new UK 5G research centre

Huawei, Samsung and Telefonica are among the companies funding a new research bid to set up a 5G technology tube at the University of Surrey.

The university won £11.6m of public funding in addition to £24m it has already won from the three mobile companies as well as Fujitsu, Rodhe-Schwarz and Aircom International. The cash will be used to develop a 5G Innovation Centre to carry out research, development, innovation and provision of mobile broadband internet services.

Professor Rahim Tafazolli, who is in the charge of the university's Centre for Communication Systems Research, said while the UK played an active role in creating 2G standards, it has fallen behind in developing 3G and 4G standards. He said: 'The global telecommunications industry, valued at $2.1tn per annum, is already responsible for 6% of world GDP. Mobile communications data traffic is expected to increase 1,000 fold by 2020, by which time there will be an estimated at least 50 billion Internet-capable devices. The growth in the number of new applications running on the networks is accelerating, as ever more mobile devices become the preferred route for Internet access. Such unprecedented data traffic growth requires the urgent introduction of new 5G advanced technologies that maximise the use of the limited available radio spectrum and provide for Greener technologies and solutions.'

Professor Sir Christopher Snowden, president and vice-chancellor of the University of Surrey, said: ‘The new 5G Centre of the calibre set out in our bid will enable the UK to lead this rapidly expanding segment of the global digital economy.'

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