HTC discontinues tablet sales in US

HTC discontinues tablet sales in US

HTC has discontinued sales of tablets in the US.

However the manufacturer has not dismissed returning to the US market if it can produce a tablet that can ‘make a splash’, according to HTC’s global online communications manager, Jeff Gordon.

Gordon said HTC was ‘watching that [tablet] market very, very closely.’

HTC released three tablets in the US – the Flyer (pictured), the WiMAX-capable Evo View 4G and the 10-inch, LTE-capable Jetstream.

Gordon said: ‘It was a great learning experience for us, and they definitely met expectations,’ but added that HTC would only consider returning to the tablet space if it could challenge the dominance of the Apple iPad and other tablet manufacturers.

He said HTC had an open policy on how it might return to the tablet market in the US, suggesting HTC could target either end of the market.

‘We're very much not set on one strategy over another,’ he said.

Asked if HTC planned to discontinue sales in the UK of its tablet range, an HTC spokeswoman said: 'Nothing’s changed in HTC’s approach to tablets as the company continues to evaluate the market.'

She added that tablet sales in the US had been discontinued because they had 'run through their planned lifecycles.'


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For me HTC can dissappear of the face of the earth NOW and nobody will notice. I sold my phone and tablet, pay the penalty fee of Sprint and bought de ...
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