iPad Mini launch event slated for 23 October

iPad Mini launch event slated for 23 October

Apple appears increasingly likely to bring its 'iPad Mini' to market, with the manufacturer reportedly hosting an event on 23 October to launch the device.

The smaller iPad will go head to head with entry level tablets such as Amazon's Kindle Fire or Google's Nexus 7. The device is expected to have a screen of between seven and eight inches in size, compared to the 9.7 inches of the existing new iPad.

According to Reuters, one analyst has seen the smaller tablet, while visiting suppliers in Asia. Topeka Capital analyst Brian White said: 'We actually had the opportunity to play with a pilot iPad Mini used by one of the vendors. This 7.85-inch iPad Mini fit our hands like a glove and we were easily able to tuck the device in our sport coat, offering consumers a more mobile iPad experience for certain use cases.'

The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs famously derided smaller tablets as being 'too small to express the software' and said the existing iPad screen size was the minimum required for a proper experience. However, both Amazon and Google have made inroads into the tablet market with cheaper and smaller devices.

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