Elop unconcerned about possible Microsoft smartphone

Elop unconcerned about possible Microsoft smartphone

Nokia's CEO has shrugged off concerns Microsoft could bring its own Windows Phone 8 device to market.

The software company is launching Windows Phone 8 later this month and while it has not announced specific plans to enter the hardware market, there are rumours it could follow the likes of Google with its Nexus Android handsets.

Speaking to analysts yesterday, Nokia's Stephen Elop said he felt Microsoft entering the manufacturing market would be a 'stimulant' to Windows Phone 8. He said: 'We're encouraging HTC and Samsung or Microsoft or whomever to have devices in the market and to be making whatever investments that help spur the ecosystem on.'

Elop also spoke about his reasoning to sign exclusive deals with operators for the forthcoming Lumia 920 and 820 handsets. He said: 'One of the things we had learned from our first efforts with Lumia is going too broad too early tends to dilute the efforts. And so we're being very deliberate...[and] that translates into the ability to leverage more money from our operator and Microsoft discussions, by having a smaller number of concentrated efforts.' He said the manufacturer would spend more to launch the forthcoming Lumia devices than it did when it launched its first Windows smartphones late last year.

He said he felt confident operators would buy into Windows Phone 8, after the initial Lumia devices failed to catch fire among consumers. He said there was 'increasing concern' among operators about the amoung of power among the two leading ecosystems of Apple and Android. He said: 'And we translate that into an opportunity that we look at as quite positive for 2013 as a whole. It begins in Q4.'

However, the manufacturer reported a difficult third quarter yesterday. While its losses were shallower than in recent quarters, at €969m, it was its sixth consecutive quarterly loss. The manufacturer experienced particular difficulty in the American and Chinese markets, with sales down sharply. While Elop is confident about the new Lumia devices, Nokia has warned of a challenging fourth quarter and would receive a lower than normal boost from the Christmas trading season.

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