EE rebranding to be completed by tomorrow

EE rebranding to be completed by tomorrow

EE is set to complete the rebranding of its 700 stores by tomorrow promising an enhanced customer retail experience by putting 4G services at the heart of its transformation.

All of the T-Mobile and Orange stores in the UK will change in the next 24 hours as the new EE aqua and yellow coloured fascias are revealed. The colours were chosen because they are believed to be ‘bright, fresh and happy’, according to an EE spokesman.

The Saatchi marketing campaign that will run alongside the rebranding is to be led by Hollywood star Kevin Bacon, with the first series of adverts due to hit screens on Saturday evening.

Bacon was chosen for his links with connectivity after he famously spoke of his ‘six degree’ connectivity with everyone in the world.

Some of the criteria to be used to judge the success of the rebranding campaign will include footfall, digital traffic and conversions, according to EE’s chief sales officer Marc Allera.

Allera told Mobile that the rebranding exercise, introduction of new technology, the launching of a new website and the new fibre-band service was almost revolutionary.

He added that targets to measure the success had been set but remained tight-lipped about any numbers.

He said: ‘I certainly haven’t seen such a massive excerise taking place during my time in retail. The stores will be looking and feeling very different and we’ll be changing the customer experience.
Some of the stores will be closed for part of the day, so we can carry out the rebranding.’

Allera also put the emphasis on staff training, saying customers will be able to hone in on staff with specific expertise. Staff profiles will be on screens within the new look stores cataloguing their particular knowledge and skills.

‘If someone wanted a specialist on the BlackBerry or Android system – they will be able to identify who will be the best person to help them just by looking at the screen.

‘We’ll be able to demonstrate that we’ll have a greater choice for customers in terms of choice and speed. We’ll, of course, be exacting all benefits possible from our 4G service,’ said Allera.


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