RAZR i cuts into b2b market for Motorola

RAZR i cuts into b2b market for Motorola

Motorola Mobility’s new flagship smartphone, the Motorola RAZR i, is leading a push into the b2b market with the manufacturer reporting strong b2b demand for the Intel-powered device.

The launch of the Motorola RAZR i last month has been backed by a multi-million pound marketing campaign, the largest yet for its smartphones. Although the campaign is aimed at consumers, Andrew Morley, UK and Ireland general manager of Motorola Mobility, said the device was also creating a substantial amount of interest among business customers.

Morley (pictured) said: ‘We are finding since the launch that there has been a very strong reception from the b2b channels within our carriers and key customers. The fact that it is a small device, with a 4.3-inch screen, powered by Intel and with a fantastic battery life, carries a very powerful message in the b2b sector.’

Earlier this year, Motorola signed a ‘multi-year, multi-device’ partnership with chipmaker Intel, with the RAZR i, which packs the 2GHz Intel Atom, the first fruits of the team-up. Morley said the Intel partnership gave the RAZR i device more credibility in b2b channels. He said: ‘We are already very big in b2b in the US market. Intel also has a very powerful presence in b2b, so our partnership is certainly driving demand in that space, where trusted names are important.’

Morley said the RAZR i’s battery was a key selling point, with operators increasingly demanding longer battery life. He said: ‘We are finding that operators are getting increasingly keen on battery life because, while consumers are not using data and not downloading files they are not using the operator’s network. So now, one of the first questions carriers ask is, “how long does the battery last?”’

Morley said the arrival of 4G in the UK will make battery life even more crucial. He said: ‘Battery life is far more important with 4G, which makes phones very battery hungry.’ While he remained non-committal on when Motorola will release a 4G phone in the UK, he added: ‘If you look at our role in the US, where we are big in 4G, as well as our experience in France and Germany, where Motorola has launched 4G phones, you can see we have lots of experience and it will be one of our key strengths going forward.’

Asked how parent group Google’s plans to cut 4,000 Motorola Mobility staff globally and close a third of its offices will impact on the UK operation, Morley said: ‘This is still being worked through market by market in terms of the impact on people and facilities so I can’t discuss that. What we are keen to do here in the UK is to make sure we launch our devices really well so that we get great resources going forward.’

Editor: Carol Millett

Written by Mobile Today
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