Apple ordered to reveal details of HTC patents agreement

Apple ordered to reveal details of HTC patents agreement

Apple has been ordered to disclose the details to Samsung of its recent patents deal with HTC, as the latest twist in the legal tussles between the two smartphone giants.

The iPhone maker and HTC signed a 10-year accord last week, ending several years of global court battles over alleged infringements. Samsung had filed a motion with a US court for Apple to disclose details of the agreement, arguing the HTC deal covers some of the same patents involved in its recent court case with Apple. In August, Samsung was ordered to pay Apple $1.05bn in damages, after a jury ruled the Korean phone maker was in breach of some of Apple's software and design patents.

Reuters reported that a US court yesterday ordered Apple to provide a full copy of the agreement 'without delay'. Samsung has also asked the Californian court to add the iPad 4, iPad mini and iPod Touch 5 to the list of devices that it claims to have infringed on some of its patents, according to court documents.

A copy of the Apple and HTC agreement has been obtained by the blogger and patents expert Florian Mueller, which he has published online. It is heavily redacted but reveals the agreement would end if either company was subject to a takeover.

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