Orange Digital to save millions by switching services to the cloud

Orange Digital to save millions by switching services to the cloud

Orange Digital is aiming to save £2m over three years by switching its web servers to Amazon Web Services.

The France Telecom company manages EE's digital services, ranging from the Orange sports channel sites to websites for the likes of the Bafta awards.

Orange Digital said following a series of mergers and acquisitions, which included the EE joint-venture with T-Mobile, the infrastructure in place was no longer sufficient to meet the needs of the company. Neil Jennings, lead enterprise architect, said: 'Our infrastructure was expensive to run and time consuming to maintain. Our traffic profile is variable in nature, which resulted in an oversized infrastructure 90% of the time. In addition, we had many EE micro sites and applications that needed rapid and temporary hosting.

'We were also in a period of expansion, and with traffic on our Orange and mobile home pages climbing to four billion requests monthly, we became limited by our fixed infrastructure. To scale up a physical infrastructure would present a massive upfront cost and a long time to market for deployment. So we sought alternative solutions.'

By running its infrastructure through Amazon's cloud service, Orange Digital said it would be able to free up more resources. Matt Dean, lead infrastructure architect, said: 'Our infrastructure and support team has gone from nine people to four, freeing up the other five to spend their time on developing software and adding value, not just operational maintenance.'

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