Phones 4u victorious at Product Mastermind

Phones 4u victorious at Product Mastermind

Phones 4u has won iSellMobile's Product Mastermind, beating its rivals and cementing its position as the most knowledgeable retailer on the high street.

For the past four months Samsung and ISellMobile have been searching to find the most knowledgeable company in the mobile industry, through Product Mastermind. The quest came to an end last week, when Phones 4u emerged victor in an exciting live final at the ISellMobile awards, on board the Dixie Queen.

Simon Stanford, vice-president of Samsung's UK and Ireland telecommunications and networks division, said: 'It’s great ISellMobile is not only recognising smartphone manufacturers but also mobile retailers and call agents with its new Product Mastermind competition, which Samsung is a proud sponsor of. It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase the expertise the mobile industry as whole is harnessing, in order to provide the best products and service for customers. With a wide range of innovative products available and the rapid evolution of technology, the knowledge and support that retailers and call agents provide is key to meeting customer needs.'

Three companies competed against each other in three fraught rounds

• Round 1 – Play or Pass

Phones 4u takes an early lead

Each team took to the stage with every member taking turns to answer one question worth 100 points.They had the option to either play the question or pass it back to the team for a reduced 50 points. If answered incorrectly the team would lose 50 points. Phones 4u got four out of five questions correct while O2 answered three out of five correctly. Three Retail lagged behind with only two right answers. 

• Round 2 – Fastest Finger

Three Retail knocks out O2

All three teams played and had to buzz in to answer the question. If there was a prize for the fastest finger it would have to go to Ross Mackay from Three Retail. Each question was worth 100 points and players from 02 were just not fast enough as they kept buzzing in only milliseconds behind. Ross managed to answer eight out of 12 questions and comfortably single-handedly helped his team to surpass O2. At the end of the round Team O2 was eliminated.

• Final – Sudden death

Three Retail vs Phones 4u

Each player took turns to go head-to-head against a rival team player – each question was worth 120 points and each player got the chance to answer two questions. Any incorrect answer would cost the team 50 points. During the last round both teams were neck and neck, and it went down to the wire. Everything rested on the last team question worth 250 points, but if answered incorrectly the team would lose 200 points and it would cost them the game. The final question was ‘What is the dessert name given to the Android OS version 1.6?’ The scoreboard went blank so no one knew the current score. Three buzzed in first but got the answer wrong and lost 200 points – but no one knew what the final scores were at that point. Everyone in the room turned to the scoreboard with anticipation to find out who had won. And it was then that Phones 4u was crowned the winner.

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