EE strives to fix payment delays

EE strives to fix payment delays

EE is still struggling to overcome software issues which are delaying payments to Orange and T-Mobile b2b dealers.

The operator said it had ironed out most of the glitches that first arose last month after the operator moved to integrate its Orange and T-Mobile mobile dealer payment systems.

A spokesman said: ‘We have made a lot of progress, with a dedicated team working through all the challenges and proactively contacting any partners affected, however there are still a few issues remaining. It is an IT issue relating to legacy systems that are not compatible.’

The payment problems began last month with the integration process triggering widespread disruption to Orange and T-Mobile commission payments. Dealers were hit by delays to ongoing revenue payments and incorrect upfront payments.

Dealers were also angered by some payment term changes, including upfront payments on business connections and upgrades, which are now paid fortnightly rather than weekly.

Neil Mawston, director at Strategy Analytics, said problems integrating IT systems when large companies merge are not uncommon. He added: ‘I am not surprised to see EE struggling to bring two IT systems together, however from a customer, partner and supplier perspective EE will be keen to resolve the situation as soon as possible.’

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