Handsfree laws are tougher from today

Handsfree laws are tougher from today
Driver’s who fail to comply with the law on using a mobile phone while driving will now face penalty points and a £60 fine.

The law change came on 27 February and heralded tougher court action on people that use handheld phones while driving.

Retailers and manufacturers are hoping the law change will boost sales of carkits.
One manufacturer, Jabra, said a survey of 256 people suggested that while 40% of UK companies provided staff with handsfree kits, over 1 in 5 employers didn’t have a policy in place regarding mobile use when driving.

‘Given the high awareness of employer liability under existing mobile phone laws, it is worrying that only 78% of companies actually have a policy in place to ensure the safety of their staff and reduce the risk of prosecution, especially when providing a solution can cost less than £20 per employee,’ said Andrew Doyle, UK Country Manager, Jabra.

He warned that in the event of a fatal accident, employers risked charges of corporate manslaughter.

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