Consumers cool on speed benefits of 4G

Consumers cool on speed benefits of 4G

Nine out of ten consumers said they would not switch to a 4G service because of its speed benefits, new research has claimed.

New research from Virgin Media Business comes a few weeks ahead of the opening bids at the 4G auction. Operators are vying for greater spectrum holdings to launch next generation services in late spring, following EE's 4G launch in October 2012. While Virgin flirted with buying up 4G spectrum early last year, it opted for investing in its small cell network instead.

Cost remained the main reason for consumers switching (61%), with almost a quarter (22%) wanting a more reliable service and more than a third (34%) wanting better coverage. The research, which was carried out among 2,000 consumers by YouGov, also found 71% of respondents did not know what speeds they currently receive. Almost a quarter (24%) had no idea if they get a 3G service.

George Wareing, director of mobile and broadcast at Virgin Media Business, said: 'With so much investment being made into existing and future services, and huge expectations around what those advances will bring to the UK, it's time for telcos like us to work even more closely to deliver a blend of technologies that will not only improve existing 3G performance, but also ensure that 4G is the success everyone wants it to be.'

He added: 'Of course price will always be a factor with consumer purchasing decision. However, by taking a holistic approach and giving customer a better understanding of their services, operators will be able to differentiate themselves not just on price but on a better all-round service, setting themselves up perfectly to roll-out future technology such as 4G.'

Author: Graeme Neill

Written by Mobile Today
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