Mobile TV moves closer

Mobile TV moves closer
Motorola and Nokia have joined forces to promote DVB-H, the emerging standard for mobile TV broadcasts, hoping that their combined market influence will convince operators to support the service.

The move means a nationwide roll-out of mobile TV may come sooner than expected, and could mean DVB-H compatible handsets like the Nokia N92 will see a UK launch earlier than previously thought.

Motorola and Nokia will work to make their handsets interoperable and to ensure they support the same standards. O2 is currently trialling DVB-H broadcasts in the UK and the service is expected to go live in Ireland shortly.

However, other operators have chosen to roll-out TV services using competing systems. Virgin is using digital radio signals to broadcast programmes to their Lobster 700TV handsets, while Orange and Vodafone offer TV services via 3G.

Proponents of DVB-H argue that it offers a superior quality signal compared to 3G, and doesn’t tie up the handset in a call when the service is activated.

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