Doro launches mobile telecare phone

Doro launches mobile telecare phone

Doro has revealed its latest handset - the Doro Secure 681 – which is aimed at delivering telecare services for users beyond the home.

The mobile phone, which will launch in the second quarter of this year, is an easy to use, assistive mobile phone aimed at people who currently rely on the support of a fixed-line telecare services, allowing them greater mobility outside of the home. 

Doro Secure 681 is the first mobile phone to feature an embedded telecare radio receiver. This connectivity makes it compatible with Doro’s range of sensors and triggers, which include wearable wrist, neck and fall sensors, plus additional sensors for the home of motion, door, flood and smoke detectors.

The device is capable of transmitting two different types of alert to the receiving centres of a telecare provider, either through the Doro Secure IP protocol or via SMS. In addition to geolocalised alerts being sent directly from the handset, by pressing a button, remote sensors now trigger alerts.

The handset was developed with leading telecare providers to ensure it provides the core features and functions demanded by the industry.

Chris Millington, MD of Doro UK, said: ‘At Doro, we understand that not all seniors are alike and this product provides a solution for those who need more support. Our Care division is addressing the needs of this audience in a truly modern way. 

‘This latest addition to the Doro Secure portfolio opens up the market for telecare providers to offer mobile solutions.  No longer will people using telecare support services be confined to their homes. We have mobilised telecare and ensured that user security has not been compromised.’

There are also additional security measures to this device. Inbuilt monitors automatically check and report the charge level of the phone and sensor batteries. It can also create safe zones and ring fence the user for added assurance. The handset builds on Doro’s tradition of developing easy-to-use mobile phones. It follows the launch of the Doro Secure 680. It has all the hallmarks that have collectively made Doro the global leader in easy and care oriented mobile devices.  

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