EE imposes mid-contract price increase on Orange and T-Mobile customers

EE imposes mid-contract price increase on Orange and T-Mobile customers

Orange and T-Mobile customers are set to be hit by an 3.3% increase to their contract costs, as the operator blames rising costs and inflation.

EE is writing to the affected customers to warn them of the changes and said typically the increase will be 70p per month. It is also launching a fixed rate contract for Orange and T-Mobile customers from 10 April. Consumers can pay between 50p and £2 extra per month, depending on their contract, and not be affected by price rises.

A spokesperson said: 'As a result of rising business costs, we are having to increase the price of some Orange and T-Mobile monthly plans. Typically the increase will be 70p a month – about the cost of a can of baked beans.”'At the same time, we have listened to our customers and understand that some would like the option of fixing the price of their monthly plan. That’s why we are also launching a “Fix Your Monthly Plan” option – the first of its kind in the industry.'We know prices rises are never great news, but we always aim to offer great value to our customers as well as the best service on the UK’s biggest network.'

Customers who joined Orange prior to 2 December and T-Mobile prior to 22 January will be affected although EE customers will escape the price increase. Consumers who upgraded to new contracts since those dates will have a six month grace period before the price increases kick in. The changes to their contracts will start from 10 April for Orange customers and 9 May for T-Mobile customers.

Ofcom is currently looking into mid-contract price rises after receiving hundreds of complaints from consumers. Each of the operators have increased prices during the past 12 months, blaming increasing costs.

Author: Graeme Neill

Written by Mobile Today
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