HTC says 'bring it on' to Samsung

HTC says 'bring it on' to Samsung

HTC is taking its new One flagship to the streets this month, in a bid to dodge what it describes as ‘the lazy specs arms race’.

The handset is due out on 15 March, just one day after Samsung reveals its Galaxy S IV to the world in New York. When asked at last week's Mobile World Congress if this announcement scuppered HTC’s launch, UK and Ireland executive director Phil Roberson, who has since left the business, said: ‘It was going to happen at some point. I don’t think we can get too upset. I don’t think it’s game over for us because I don’t believe that Samsung or anyone else will produce a better phone than the HTC One.’

The Taiwanese manufacturer had a quiet Mobile World Congress, choosing to focus on promoting its One smartphone. Roberson agreed with comments made by CEO Peter Chou who said late last year the company made mistakes with its marketing. He said the focus on the One smartphone would be on handselling and showing people what the phone can do, rather than concentrate on ‘the lazy specs arms race’. The handset only has a four-megapixel camera but the manufacturer said its design gives it a best in class performance.

Roberson said: ‘The message at the heart of it is the megapixel myth. It will take time to get that into people’s consciousness. But then again, how many people look at the megapixels on the iPhone?’

Roberson said HTC was likely to concentrate on the high end this year, and ruled out the Congress’ trend of low cost smartphones. He said: ‘You are not going to see a sub-£100 smartphone.’ He added: ‘When you are playing with [the HTC One’s] aluminium build, you don’t want to compromise your products. That’s not great for customers or the brand.’


Author: Graeme Neill

Written by Mobile Today
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