Sony Mobile sets sights on British homes

Sony Mobile sets sights on British homes

Sony Mobile is taking its fight for greater share of the UK’s smartphone and tablet market into British homes.

The manufacturer is leveraging its existing presence, in the form of Sony TVs and game consoles, to drive sales of its latest flagship devices, the Xperia Z smartphone and the soon to be launched Xperia Z tablet.

Sony UK chief Pierre Perron told Mobile: ‘There are around 900 million Sony devices in homes around the world and there is probably at least one Sony product in every single British household.’

He said this strong brand presence was attractive to network operators as they increasingly drive into offering services beyond mobile. He added: ‘The market is no longer just about selling more smartphones. The approach is becoming much more holistic – [operators] want to create value for consumers to enrich their lives. Operators want to be able to offer much more and only Sony can offer this broad range of services.’

Perron said operator and retailer support was increasing, pointing to the number of outlets ranging the Sony Xperia Z smartphone, which went on sale last week, as evidence. He said: ‘Because of this story that we create around smartphones, the Xperia Z is being ranged by all operators and all retailers in the UK without exception.’

He added Sony’s decision to boost its marketing budget for Europe, which is set to double this year to around £40m, has also fed partners’ support. ‘This is another reason why so many partners are backing us because they do appreciate that level of investment,’ he said.

Turning to the Sony Xperia Z tablet, set to launch in the UK by the end of June, Perron said: ‘This is a serious market for us, not just because of the potential value of the market but because of the natural link with smartphones and the fact that more and more consumers are using multi-screens at home. We want to utilise this trend.

He added: ‘Our intention is not to be an additional tablet vendor – after all there are lots of tablets available in the market. We want to utilise the tablet to immensely enhance the consumer experience to create the best connected entertainment experience – the tablet is at the centre of that.’


Author: Carol Millett

Written by Mobile Today
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