UK gets Poppy sequel

UK gets Poppy sequel
BenQ Siemens has lined up an exclusive UK follow-up to its popular CL75 Poppy handset.

The handset, named Mia, is similar to the manufacturer's CF61 clamshell but has been reworked by a UK-led design and marketing team. Just like with the Poppy, BenQ-Siemens UK is hoping that a design and marketing campaign developed specifically for its local market will help boost sales.

The mid-range CF61 boasts a 1.3 megapixel camera, expandable memory and Bluetooth in a clamshell design. The Mia will carry similar specifications although there may be slight changes before it reaches the UK.

The Mia will go on sale in the UK this summer on both prepay and contract. More information on the handset is expected to emerge next week.

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