Microsoft to support Windows Phone 8 until summer 2014

Microsoft to support Windows Phone 8 until summer 2014

Microsoft has said it will stop supporting the Windows Phone 7.8 and 8 operating systems by the second half of next year.

In a note on its website, Microsoft said it would continue to update the OS on Windows Phone devices until 8 July 2014 for Windows Phone 8 handsets, and 9 September 2014 for Windows Phone 7.8 handsets. While consumers will receive the likes of security updates until then, it means there will be a period when the platform will not be supported for those who took out two-year contracts after WP8 devices went on sale in late 2012.

There was no mention of whether consumers will be able to upgrade their WP8 or WP7.8 devices to newer versions of the OS. Microsoft was criticised for not allowing owners of WP7 handsets to upgrade to Windows Phone 8. Leila Martine, UK director for Windows Phone, refused to say whether consumers could upgrade WP8 devices when speaking to Mobile in November.

Microsoft warned that operating system upgrades will also depend on a consumer's operator. The upgrade process can be delayed as networks fully test new software for devices.

Author: Graeme Neill

Written by Mobile Today
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