Operators and retailers face uphill struggle to drive tablet sales

Operators and retailers face uphill struggle to drive tablet sales

Operators and mobile phone retailers face a challenge in selling tablets, new research has claimed, with nine out of ten consumers buying the devices from more traditional computing channels.

A new report from CCS Insight said while the appetite for tablets is growing, with 38% of consumers of those interested in the product saying they plan to buy a tablet during the next few months, operators and mobile retailers need to do more to drive sales. The report said consumers 'see tablets as part of their computing, not part of their mobile set up', with only 5% of sales coming from mobile operators and 5% from mobile phone retailers.

The report said 4G could be a means of operators and retailers driving sales, with most potential purchasers (35%) citing next generation mobile as the main reason for buying. This contrasts with the current generation of devices, with 60% of consumers opting for Wi-Fi only devices.

CCS Insight's Martin Garner said: 'Britain’s love affair with tablets looks set to continue as the mass market starts to get on board in 2013. These new buyers have different expectations and buying criteria from early adopters, which will shake up the market. With new buyers more interested in using their tablets out of the home than existing owners and starting to get excited by 4G, we can expect to see greater sales opportunities for the UK’s mobile operators and retailers. However, they will need suitable new data tariff plans to balance users’ interest in mobile connectivity against greater price sensitivity.'

Author: Graeme Neill

Written by Mobile Today
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Its a low margin business, so the urgency to drive tablet sales is not there. The networks and independents are all about connected devices. Theres ve ...
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