Barablu Wi-Fi calls

Barablu Wi-Fi calls
Wi-Fi technology business Barablu has been set up to provide free calls between Wi-Fi mobile phones.

Barablu said there will be around 100 Wi-Fi phones launched this year, with Nokia’s E series and N series offering the service.

Marius O’Reilly, chief marketing officer of Barablu, said: ‘Nokia has 36% of the worldwide mobile phone market and Barablu provides their owners with a fantastic opportunity to save on calls. As well as providing free calls for those with Wi-Fi enabled phones, we also have features for people and businesses looking to save money when calling mobile numbers and traditional landlines.’

Outside of Wi-Fi zones, Barablu switches between GSM and Wi-Fi.

The service is available through a free download on Barablu’s website. The software is sent to the mobile phone via SMS.

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