Consumers turned off by 4G pricing

Consumers turned off by 4G pricing

An increasing number of consumers believe 4G technology is too costly, a new survey has found.

Research by price comparison site said 91% of consumers are aware of what next generation mobile services offer than when EE first launched the service in October, when the figure was 61%.

The operator, which effectively has had a monopoly on 4G services ahead of its rivals launching in the next few months, has charged a price premium on the service, beginning from £5 per month. In October, almost a third (31%) of consumers said the price was offputting. This figure has increased to 38% although EE customers on 4G said the extra price was worth paying. Consumers are also increasingly concerned about passing their data limits - 69% of consumers now, compared to 62% in October.

However, EE's high profile advertising campaign has appeared to have borne fruit, with 16% of consumers likely to move to it now, compared to 11% when the 4G spectrum auction results were announced in February.

Ernest Doku from uSwitch said: 'Pricing is highly likely to become the new battleground for 4G, especially in light of Three’s ‘no premium for superfast’ pledge. We hope that more networks offering 4G will lead to real competition on numerous fronts including cost, data, handsets and coverage - so that consumers can enjoy the next generation of mobile internet without the sky-high price tag they fear.'

Author: Graeme Neill

Written by Mobile Today
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