Sagem at Asda

Sagem at Asda
Asda is taking Sagem’s latest handset, the my150x, on Orange pay as you go this month.

The slimline (10mm thick) budget handset is targeted at lovers of fashion. It has a 1.8" screen with NeoNTM technology, which lights up its display, with a classic Casio watch feel to it. The screen is illuminated by a blue-tinted light while information is displayed in blue on a black background for a guaranteed design effect.

Users can scroll through its menu using stylised icons made up of a number of dots which move from one function to another.

It has SMS, dual-band, vibrator mode and hands free capability, with polyphonic 16-tone ring tones installed.

The my150x will be available in Asda this month, with the price to be confirmed.

A gold version of the handset is expected to be announced in the coming weeks, with details of which retailers are taking the handset yet to emerge.

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