Jonathan Ive risking delay of Apple IOS 7 software overhaul

Jonathan Ive risking delay of Apple IOS 7 software overhaul

Apple senior VP of industrial design Jonathan Ive has embarked on a major software overhaul which  could risk delays to Apple’s release of iOS 7.

Ive took on the oversight of the look and feel of software running all Apple electronics in a management restructuring by CEO Tim Cook last year which saw the departure of software chief Scott Forstall.

Bloomberg quoted sources who claimed Ive has begun revamping iPhone and iPad applications and methodically reviewing new designs, in a bid to avoid a repeat of last year’s release of map tools that were widely criticised, and encouraging collaboration between the software and hardware divisions, which operated in silos under co-founder Steve Jobs.

However, without Jobs, who died last year, pushing for delivery, sources fear the software overhaul at Apple could create delays.

While the company still expects to release iOS 7 on time as soon as September, internal deadlines for submitting features for testing are being set later than past releases, sources added.

They claim staff from Apple’s Mac team have also been brought in to help the mobile-software group finish the job. Apple has made similar moves in the past, including with the first version of iOS in 2007.

Greg Sterling, an analyst at Opus Research in San Francisco told Bloomberg: ‘Apple is really under tremendous pressure to come out with something different and something new.

 He added that Ive has ‘a tremendous sense of design, and he’s been the guru behind a lot of these enormously successful products, but he’s always had someone like a Jobs to push back on him and give him some guidance, and it’s not clear that Tim Cook is capable of playing that role.' Maybe without a collaborator, he’s not as strong.’

Apple was unavailable for comment.

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