Motorola reinvents product line and reveals Moto X

Motorola reinvents product line and reveals Moto X

Motorola has overhauled its product line, with a new handful of next generation devices prepped for launch by October.

The device will include the rumoured X Phone, which is called the Moto X. Speaking at the AllThingsD conference in California yesterday, Motorola Mobility CEO Dennis Woodside said he had the company's new hero device in his pocket but said he could not reveal it. However, he hinted that the handset is likely to build on features on the context sensitive Google Now. Woodside said the handset 'is more contextually aware of what’s going on around it. It allows you to interact with it more than other devices today. It anticipates my need'.

While the first mobile phone call was made on a Motorola handset, the manufacturer has not kept up with market trends in recent years. Since its acquisition by Google last year, the phone maker has spent time clearing its product pipeline. Woodside said the opportunity for the phone maker is in building low-cost, high quality phones, predicting the gap between feature phone and smartphone prices is set to vanish.

The new handsets will be built in a custom-made factory in Texas and work will begin in earnest on the next generation Motorola devices in the summer.

Author: Graeme Neill

Written by Mobile Today
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