Three hit by data network outage

Three hit by data network outage

Three has been hit by a broad network outage, with customers left unable to access the internet through their smartphones.

Engineers are working on the problem and a spokesman said he was confident that customers will be able to access mobile internet services again during the day. The outage is affecting customers across the country and is not restricted to any one area. It is unclear how many customers have been hit by the outage.

Three's Twitter account tweeted this morning: 'We're having some issues with our data network this morning. It's being worked on as a priority, sorry for any inconvenience.'

It is the first susbtantial network outage since O2 experienced issues in October last year. A third of the operator's 23m base were hit by an additional outage in July 2012.

Author: Graeme Neill

Written by Mobile Today
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how long will the internet be off???
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