Phones 4u gets ready for summer of 4G

Phones 4u gets ready for summer of 4G

Phones 4u is stepping up its 4G activity with the launch of interactive bays showcasing the benefits of next generation technology and launching a new training scheme.

This summer will see a ramping up of the 4G market, with both O2 and Vodafone launching their own propositions. Both operators have been trailing their forthcoming offers in store for some time. Three has been extensively marketing its Ultrafast network during the past few months, with 4G being used to supplement its existing 3G offer from later this year.

To anticipate the surge in availability of 4G services, Phones 4u has been working on a new training scheme for staff so they can answer specific questions and also demonstrate to customers the differences between 3G and 4G in its stores. It is introducing dedicated 4G bays in stores across the country where next generation mobile is available. EE has rolled out 4G to 74 towns across the UK.

Tom Shorten, customer and strategy director at Phones 4u, said: ‘We’re embracing the change that 4G brings to the mobile experience, and the only way to truly demonstrate the benefits it offers is to bring that experience to the shop floor.

‘This summer we’ll be introducing interactive bays to our retail environment that will showcase the latest live 4G smartphones and demonstrate explicitly the differences between 3G and 4G. Our aim is to have these bays present in all stores that are in 4G areas across the UK, and our people will receive full training on how to incorporate the live ‘3G vs. 4G’ demonstration into our unique customer consultation process.’

Shorten (pictured) said the bays would answer a lot of questions that consumers have about next generation mobile. He said: ‘[This] will help to show our customers the tangible benefits of 4G, allowing them to make more informed buying decisions and giving them confidence in their purchase, rather than them having to rely solely on what the mobile industry is ‘telling’ them. At Phones 4u, we’ll ‘show’ them.’

Rival operators will be playing catch up on EE after the UK’s biggest operator built up a 4G head start of more than six months. The operator has signed up more than half a million customers to its next generation offer, despite criticisms about its cost. CEO Olaf Swantee is targeting one million customers on 4G by the end of 2013. It is on the verge of announcing how it will charge for its 4G bundles, as well as outline its new 4G prepay offer.


Author: Graeme Neill

Written by Mobile Today
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