Phones 4u has plans for 'Arthurs'

Phones 4u has plans for 'Arthurs'
Phones 4u wants to improve its sales and customer service levels and is targeting salespeople that aren't pulling their weight.

Stores across the country are picking up on the phrase 'thank God for Arthur', which is part of a drive to encourage underperformers to improve. The names 'Arthur' and 'Martha' are being used by some managers to characterise staff that make others look better by their relatively poor performance.

'It's meant to be a “thanks” to them because they make you look good. We want to eliminate Arthurs by getting them to improve,' one Phones 4u salesperson said.

'It is someone who doesn't work. I think they are trying to get people to work a lot harder. There are people who just come to work and don't bother trying,' another salesperson added.

Phones 4u said it is investing heavily in its salespeople through training, guidance on the industry and understanding consumer needs. 'Like any retailer, we have sales targets and we aim to offer our people training to grow their skill base, their confidence and their performance. It is really important to us to continue to raise the industry's bar in customer service and sales performance, and to do this we have a series of people and training modules geared specifically towards these goals,' Phones 4u marketing director Jim Slater said. 'The fact that we have the highest productivity on the high street indicates it is working well.'

One Phones 4u salesperson added: 'There is lots of training and development going on at the moment. They are trying to get staff where they should be, to get people to the levels and the standards they want.' Another source said that performance is a major issue for Phones 4u at the moment.

At Carphone, former Phones 4u retail MD Anthony Catterson has been leading a push to raise sales performance at the retailer, as both companies try to maximise the return from retail.

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