Nokia primes noisiest Lumia campaign yet

Nokia primes noisiest Lumia campaign yet

The price of older Lumia devices is set to tumble as Nokia readies one of its biggest campaigns to date for its latest flagship Lumia 1020.

Emma Gilmartin, head of consumer marketing at Nokia, said both it and Microsoft were working together to launch the Lumia 1020 in September. She said: ‘We are continuing to increase investment both ourselves and with Microsoft. With the [Lumia] 925 campaign, Microsoft is focused on the device so our combined share of the voice is bigger. We have become incredibly focused on one key selling point. With the 925, it’s low light. With the 1020, it’s 41-megapixel camera.’

Nokia will target the top performing stores for selling high end contracts in order to maximise sales. Gilmartin said: ‘The first port of call is kicking ass in those stores. They are the top tier and the best to get the full experience. We are making a shortlist and we need to disrupt.’

The Lumia 1020, which features a 41-megapixel camera, is Nokia’s attempt to crack into the high-end smartphone market. Gilmartin admitted it had been underperforming at this level. She said: ‘The high end is somewhere where we but we are still a long way off. We need to continue to make noise to close the gap.’

In addition to this, the manufacturer is planning to cut the prices of older handsets such as the Lumia 800 or Lumia 920 by keeping them in the market for longer. This would follow the lead of the likes of Samsung and Apple, whose former flagships become cheaper as newer devices hit the shops.

She said Nokia was moving in the right direction because its Lumia portfolio, bolstered this week with the announcement of the £200 entry level 4G Lumia 625 device, now comprised a wide range of devices. She said: ‘When you look back to 2011, we started with one device and it’s hard to gain market share and traction with only one. We have now launched a lot of devices so the portfolio is really strong and getting stronger.’

Author: Graeme Neill

Written by Mobile Today
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