O2 brings mass-market Nokia device to Chargers out of the Box scheme

O2 brings mass-market Nokia device to Chargers out of the Box scheme

O2's 'Chargers Out of the Box' environmental campaign moved up a notch today with the launch of the first mass market phone to be sold by O2 without the mains charging unit.

The Nokia 301 will be sold by the operator with its USB charging cable but without its mains charging unit. The 'Chargers out of the Box initiative was launched by O2 in 2012 to cut down the environmental waste caused by the millions of unnecessary chargers sold annually. Under the scheme those customers who need a charger can purchase one from O2 at a discounted price. The Nokia 301 is the fifth charger-free phone which O2 has launched under its 'Chargers out of the Box' campaign and Nokia's second to be sold without a charger. It follows successful sales of a charger-free Lumia 925.

The Nokia 301 is the first mass-market handset from a major manufacturer to be sold on the scheme. The other four phones were all flagship devices. By trialling a charger-free Nokia 301, O2 wants to establish whether the scheme can be applied across its range.

Bill Eyres, head of O2's Think Big programme said: 'This is another huge step forward for our scheme. We led the way just 12 months ago. So far, alongside HTC, Sony and Nokia, we have had to lead the way. However, we hope that others will join the campaign and deliver what the vast majority of consumers want based on all our experience – a saving to the environment that costs them nothing.'

O2 said research shows that if all makers and networks joined the movement, up to 30 million chargers would be rendered unnecessary,based on the total number of phones sold each year in the UK. In trials to date, 82% of those buying “Chargers out of the Box” phones decided the USB-charging cable provided was all they required. Research by O2 also suggests there are as many as 100 million unused chargers in total in the UK that are either duplicates of existing kit or are from old handsets.

Author: Carol Millett

Written by Mobile Today
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