Mobile fueling the growing threat of e-crime, say MPs

Mobile fueling the growing threat of e-crime, say MPs

The use of mobile data and smartphones is contributing to the growing threat of e-crime, according to a report by the Home Affairs Committee.

A 10 month enquiry was concluded with a document published today revealing the UK was struggling to nullify the threat of cyber-criminals. It said ‘the widespread expansion of the internet...including mobile phones has extended the reach of e-criminality beyond technically capable criminals’. The committee stressed more must be done to counter the risk of online fraud and ‘cyber-espionage’, while internet users should take a degree of responsibility when it comes to protecting themselves.

The report showed 30% of British adults have fallen victim to cybercrime as a result of surfing social networking sites. Although much of this activity took place on a smartphone, over half (54%) of those questioned could not correctly answer security questions about their device. Forty-three percent didn’t have any security on their handsets, like antivirus or remote wipe facilities, while 21% of 16-24 –year-olds had reported their phones had been stolen, adding to security fears. 

Author: Matthew Campelli

Written by Mobile Today
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