EE rapped over 4G website ad

EE rapped over 4G website ad

EE needs to be clearer about its 4G speeds online, after the Advertising Standards Authority rapped the operator for misleading consumers and exaggerating its speeds on a website ad.

The complaint was brought by BT, who also complained about EE's television ads, although that complaint was not upheld. On EE's website, it said was offering 'superfast mobile internet 4GEE' and 'Superfast mobile 4GEE' but did not qualify what those speeds were. The ASA accepted BT's argument that there was an expectation that 'superfast' would relate to fixed-line broadband speeds, which are much quicker than mobile internet.

The ASA said the ad must not appear in its current form. It added: 'We told EE not ensure "superfast" claims in relation for 4G mobile services were clearly qualified with accurate speeds in future ads.'

However, because EE's television ads mentioned in the small print that the word 'better' was 'based on average UK speeds. 3G: 1.5 Mbit/s, 4GEE: 8-12 Mbit/s (Ofcom and EE data)', that complaint was rejected.

A spokesman for EE said it was pleased the ASA agreed its television ads were clear. He added: 'We speak to our customers all the time and have not received any feedback whatsoever that the use of the term 'superfast' is confusing. We will, however, be amending our online ads to ensure that it is absolutely clear to BT what we mean by 'superfast' mobile speeds.'

Author: Graeme Neill

Written by Mobile Today
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