Apple dominates July's most popular handsets

Apple dominates July's most popular handsets

The iPhone 4 has overtaken the Samsung Galaxy S4 in a chart detailing the UK's most popular devices.

According to the uSwitch mobile tracker, which charts live searches, pre-orders and sales, Apple has three devices sitting at the top of the chart, with the iPhone 5 number one for the fifth consecutive month. The iPhone manufacturer has been making older generation devices increasingly affordable, which has driven sales of the handsets.

While not breaking into the top three, Samsung continues to dominate the top 10, with five handsets. The HTC One holds its place at number six, with the Sony Xperia Z has dropped down one place in the top 10 to number eight.

Ernest Doku from said: 'Those who thought the reign of the iPhone was over should never underestimate the power of Apple. Samsung has already proved that it’s possible to upset the Applecart – when the Galaxy S3 topped the chart for almost a year – but so far it hasn’t managed to replicate the same success with its flagship S4.

'But pricing is king. Part of the problem for Samsung is that you can get a free iPhone 5 from as little as £29 per month, due in no small part to its impending sequel. And with the older iPhone 4 and 4S offering affordable alternatives to the latest and greatest, the S4 has a real fight on its hands from older rivals. Retailers are fighting back however by shaving the price of Samsung's flagship, as well as pushing the compact Galaxy S4 Mini, making for a hot summer in the smartphone space.'

The top 10 handsets for July

1. Apple iPhone 5 16GB (iOS, no change)

2. Apple iPhone 4S 16GB (iOS, no change)

3. Apple iPhone 4 8GB (iOS, up one)

4. Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB (Android, down one)

5. Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB (Android, no change)

6. HTC One Silver (Android, no change)

7. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (Android, new entry)

8. Sony Xperia Z (Android, down one)

9. Samsung Galaxy Ace (Android, down one)

10. Samsung Galaxy S2 (Android, down one)

Author: Graeme Neill

Written by Mobile Today
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