LG’s G2 marks biggest handset launch in years

LG’s G2 marks biggest handset launch in years

LG is readying its biggest launch since the 2009 Chocolate handset with its new G2, pledging a multi-million pound campaign to back its new flagship.

The handset was unveiled in New York on Wednesday, with the manufacturer promising a ‘phablet sized’ 5.2-inch display on a handset that is the same size as devices with a 4.7-inch screen. Pricing has yet to be confirmed but LG expects the G2 to be priced between £32 and £36 per month with no upfront payment.

The handset is set for October launch in the UK and will be the manufacturer’s flagship among a number of other devices primed for launch, with suggestions LG is working on the Nexus 5.

The manufacturer said it was focusing on word of mouth, front of store marketing, and experiential activity in retail and call centres to try and make it take a bite out of the Apple/Samsung duopoly. While a global above the line campaign has been readied, UK MD Andy Coughlin said it would have a ‘quirkier’ spin for activity in the UK.

He said: ‘The G2 will be targeted at the mass adopter. People who are fed up paying too much for the two leading brands can buy this device in the fourth quarter and get a much higher specced device for a much lower fee.’

Coughlin said instore experience would be ‘crucial’ in selling the device and said staff would be encouraged to compare it to the other leading smartphones in 2013 in front of consumers. He said: ‘We need to talk to consumers about the benchmarking against the competition.’

The handset has moved buttons from the side of the device to the back, meaning consumers can open the camera or quick memos, or change the volume by using their index finger. It will run a slightly tweaked version of Android Jelly Bean, with Key Lime Pie to follow later in the year. Coughlin said LG was keen to offer consumers as close to an unchanged Android experience as possible. He said: ‘Our customers and consumers have said they loved the uncluttered feel of our devices compared to competitors.’

Coughlin said its new flagship was a further example of how the manufacturer was innovating, following the strong reviews of its Nexus 4 handset last year. It said it was taking technology from other parts of the business, such as the 440ppi screen from its TV arm, and putting it into the G2. He said: ‘What we want to offer is the largest and best display, with the very latest specs, at an attractive price point. Any other vendor has not had a device with these specs at this price.’


Author: Graeme Neill

Written by Mobile Today
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