Ethnic minorities 'the UK's most mobile'

Ethnic minorities 'the UK's most mobile'

Ethnic minority groups are the most mobile in the UK, spending more each month on their handsets and having more attachment to their devices.

According to research by Ofcom about consumer habits in the UK, 37% of ethnic minorities say they love gadgets more than the wider UK population (30%). The report found 32% said it was important to have the latest technology in their home, compared to 20% across the UK.

Mobiles are critical to ethnic minorities with more than half of the Mixed Ethnic (57%), Asian Pakistani (58%), Asian Bangladeshi (57%), Black African (56%) and Asian Indian (54%) groups saying they could not do without their device, compared with 43% of the British population. One in five Asian Bangladeshis said they have at least five mobiles at home, compared with only one in 20 overall.

Ethnic minorities are also spending more on mobiles, with three in 10 Black Caribbeans and Black Africans spending more than £30 per month. Across the wider British population, only one in six spend more than £30.

Author: Graeme Neill

Written by Mobile Today
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