High street round up

High street round up
The L6 is still nudging toward the top spot in Mobile's prepay tracker, but just what makes Motorola's petite barphone such a strong seller?

The L6 does two things right. Firstly, while its design may not be to everyone's liking it's undoubtedly a handset that stands out from the crowd. Like it or not, the L6's slimline casing and etched keypad makes it much more eye-catching than other devices in the same price range.

Secondly, the phone is available at only £50, close enough to zero to make even bargain hunters consider the extra expense while still attracting users willing to pay for a decent handset. The phone also features a built-in camera, which is a major selling point to almost every customer. And at only £50 who cares about the quality?

By combining a standout design with decent features and a low price, Motorola has cleverly ensured that the L6 is attractive to nearly every prepay user on the market. Expect the strong sales to continue - and increase even further when the next inevitable colour variant hits the channel.

Written by Mobile Today
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