Retailers reveal iPhone 5c deals

Retailers reveal iPhone 5c deals

The iPhone 5c is now available to pre-order with all the major operators ahead of its 20 September launch.

EE and Vodafone have followed operator rival O2 today in revealing price plans for the device. O2 revealed on Wednesday the 5c would be available on its Refresh tariffs, where customers can upgrade to subsequent iPhones if they pay off the handset portion of their contract. 

O2 customers can get the 16GB handsets on 4G with no upfront cost over 24 months with a £57 monthly payment. The package comes with unlimited texts and minutes, with 8GB of data. However, O2 customers will need to wait until the devices can work on its 4G network, which the operator said would be within the coming weeks.

To get the same device free, Vodafone customers will pay £47 per month for the same deal over the same period on its Red 4G ready L tariff and they get £20 cashback if they order online.  

EE has recommended its £36 tariff, which gets customers unlimited talktime and texts with 1.5GB of data after a £69.99 upfront payment. To get 20GB of monthly data, consumers will have to spend £51 and a one-off £9.99 payment. The maximum amount of standard data on Vodafone is 12GB for £52 per month, although the operator throws in a two-year subscription to Sky Sports Mobile and Spotify Premium. Customer signing up to 4G on Vodafone before the end of October will also get 4GB of ‘bonus’ data every month.

The 32GB iPhone 5c can be purchased with no upfront payment on O2 for £57 per month on 4G, while EE recommends its £41 tariff with 2GB and a downpayment of £109.99. For £52 per month you can choose the device, paying £19.99 straight away.

On 3G tariffs, the phones are available on Orange and T-Mobile on £32 and £37 per month tariffs. T-Mobile customers get unlimited data as standard, while Orange customers are capped at 1GB. O2 are offering the 16GB handset for £52 monthly with 4GB and Vodafone offer a maximum of 2GB of standard data for £42 per month, although there will be no initial payment. The handset will also be available on premium priced 12 months tariffs.

Carphone Warehouse also revealed its deal this morning, recommending an O2 tariff for £37 per month with 5GB data. Both versions of the handset will be available with the retailer on all major networks. Pricing for the flagship 5s will be divulged closer to its release date.

Author: Matthew Campelli

Written by Mobile Today
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