iPhone 5s stock shortages threaten

iPhone 5s stock shortages threaten

Question marks over iPhone 5s stock and modest 5c pre-order figures have overshadowed the manufacturer's double launch day.

The devices came onto the market earlier today, although the ‘low-cost’ 5c has been available to pre-order for a week.

Industry sources told Mobile that the 5s is selling well so far. However some warned that stock issues may surface as early as the weekend, or even tonight. 

One source told Mobile: ‘We have stock in all our stores at the minute, but I suspect stock issues will occur later today. If not, definitely at the weekend.

'There are rumours Apple may have done this deliberately to shift more 5c units, although there may be manufacturing problems. I suspect it’s a bit of both. 

‘5c sales haven’t been as good as previous devices, but with stock issues to come with the 5s, people may just compromise.'

Another insider said: ‘The 5s is doing really well, but we’ve had limited stock. I expect it to sell out pretty fast, either today or tomorrow. We’re not sure when we will get more stock of the device, but we’re working with Apple on it. I expect us to get some more imminently. 

‘I’m not sure how we’re doing 5c sales-wise today, but pre-orders were down on what was expected.’

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