UK consumers stay loyal unless they save money

UK consumers stay loyal unless they save money

Saving money is the biggest motivation for changing network provider although half of people have never switched operators.

A recent YouGov report, Mobile Phones: The Purchase Path, found that 39% of people would switch operators if it resulted in a cash saving, while 13% would jump ship if it meant they could get a better handset.The report also found 9 in 10 people surveyed were not considering changing provider and 67% had been with the same company for three years or more. 44% wanted to stay with their operator, even when their contract expires, while 45% didn’t know what provider to go with next time they sign a deal.

One fifth of men aged 25-39 would consider switching, making them the most likely demographic to move from operators, while 58%of women over 55 wanted to stay with their current provider.

Tom Rees, research manager for YouGov SixthSense, said: ‘With new ‘must-have’ handsets released every few months, the mobile market always seems to be in a state of flux. However, this report shows that whatever happens within the sector, consumers themselves are pretty steady and loyal to their networks. The major reason operators manage to lure customers is to save costs. Unless a provider can offer consumers worthwhile monetary incentives to move between networks, it is unlikely to attract significant numbers of switchers.’        

Author: Matthew Campelli

Written by Mobile Today
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