Nokia launches ‘biggest ever’ campaign for 1020

Nokia launches ‘biggest ever’ campaign for 1020

Nokia is joining forces with Microsoft, UK retailers and operators to boost sales of its flagship smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 1020, with the biggest ever UK marketing campaign for a Lumia device.

Nokia’s record marketing spend will be subsidised by joint venture partner Microsoft and UK operators and retailers including O2, Vodafone, and Carphone Warehouse. 

The company said the campaign will exceed the marketing spend on all previous Nokia Lumia phone launches, including its first Lumia device, the Lumia 800, which received £20m of funding from Microsoft.

Nokia UK head Conor Pierce told Mobile: ‘This is the biggest ever marketing campaign in the UK for a Lumia device,’ adding, ‘Everybody is getting behind this single product in terms of collaboration. It will be a very high profile campaign.’

The campaign kicks off this week with extensive TV, out of home, social media and digital coverage highlighting key features. Pierce said the marketing campaign will further strengthen the ‘rising momentum’ in Nokia Lumia sales.

‘The Lumia 1020 sets a whole new benchmark in terms of innovation and operators, retailers and call centres are all embracing it for that. We have something incredibly unique.’

Pierce said pre-order sales are ‘incredibly strong’, fuelled by the device’s colour palette, the 41-megapixel rear facing camera and accessories such as the Lumia 2010 camera grip. 

He said most pre-orders are for the yellow Nokia Lumia 1020, ‘proving the appetite for consumers to embrace something new,’ rather than ‘the sea of black and white’ offered by the UK market. He said Apple’s adoption of colour in the iPhone 5c ‘is great for us – imitation is the highest form of flattery.’

Pierce said although Nokia cannot compete ‘dollar for dollar’ against the likes of Samsung, it ‘brings a very strong differentiation from the rest of the market which really resonates with consumers.’

Pierce denied uptake of the Windows Phone operating system was slow, claiming consumer awareness of the OS is at ‘an all time high’ boosted by ‘a halo effect’ from the rest of the Windows ecosystem.

‘Consumers’ eyes light up when they see the seamless integration between Windows 8 tablets, PCs and Lumia smartphones. We are making sure we execute that focus across all the channels especially in retail.’

Nokia is tipped to launch another six Lumia phones and a Lumia tablet at Nokia World 2013, which will take place on 22 October in Abu Dhabi.

Mobile understands the event will carry the tagline ‘Nokia innovation reinvented’, further fuelling speculation it will herald Nokia’s first Lumia tablet.

Nokia declined to comment, however a spokesman said  new launches of Lumia devices are likely to be ranged in the UK ‘because we have a very strong distribution channel there.’


Author: Carol Millett

Written by Mobile Today
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