Q3 global smartphone shipments up 45% annually

Q3 global smartphone shipments up 45% annually

Global smartphone shipments grew 45% annually to reach a record 251 million units in the third quarter of this year, with Samsung capturing a record 35% share of global smartphone volumes and Huawei taking third place in the rankings.

The rapid growth, revealed in a report published this week by Strategy Analytics, also saw LG ship 12.0 million smartphones worldwide for 5% marketshare in Q3 2013. LG grew 71% annually, making it the fastest-growing vendor among the top five brands, where it holds fourth place.

Lenovo has taken fifth place in Q3 shipping shipping 10.8 million smartphones worldwide for 4% marketshar. The report said Lenovo’s success lies with its popularity among mass-market consumers in China but added that it is expanding internationally. 

The report said the record growth in global smartphone shipments was driven by strong demand for LTE devices in the developed world and a rising call for 3G devices in emerging economies.

Linda Sui, Senior analyst at Strategy Analytics, said: ‘Global smartphone shipments grew 45% annually from 172.8 million units in Q3 2012 to 251.4 million in Q3 2013. This was the first time ever that smartphone shipments exceeded a quarter-billion units in a single quarter. Smartphones accounted for 6 in 10 of all mobile phones shipped worldwide. The smartphone industry’s robust growth is being driven by strong demand for LTE models in developed regions like the US and 3G devices in emerging markets such as China.’

Neil Mawston, executive director at Strategy Analytics, said whilst Samsung’s share of the global market had grown at record rates Apple’s global share had dropped by 3% over the past year.  He said: ‘Samsung grew 55% annually and shipped a record 88.4 million smartphones worldwide, capturing a record 35% marketshare in Q3 2013. Samsung shipped over two times more smartphones than Apple during the quarter.

‘While shipments of the flagship Galaxy S4 model softened, solid demand for the new Note 3 phablet and for mass-market devices like the Galaxy Y helped to lift Samsung’s volumes. Apple shipped 33.8 million iPhones worldwide in Q3 2013, up from 26.9 million a year earlier.

‘Apple grew just 26% annually during Q3 2013, which is around half the overall smartphone industry average of 45%. Apple’s global smartphone marketshare has dipped noticeably from 16% to 13% during the past year. Nonetheless, we expect Apple to rebound sharply and regain share in the upcoming fourth quarter of 2013 due to high demand for its new iPhone 5s model.’

Woody Oh, senior analyst at Strategy Analytics, said Huawei had put in a strong performance but remains weak in the US and European markets. He said: ‘Huawei was a star performer as global shipments grew 67% annually to 12.7 million units in Q3 2013. Huawei captured 5% marketshare and became the world’s third largest smartphone vendor. 

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