Smartphone Kazam looks to low-end for success

Smartphone Kazam looks to low-end for success

British smartphone manufacturer Kazam will launch its first portfolio of devices at rock bottom prices as it looks to become a disruptive force in the handset market.

The manufacturer, which was founded earlier this year by former HTC executives Mike Coombes and James Atkins, is confident its smartphones will undercut competitors whilst maintaining quality and offering additional services, such as its one year screen replacement service and Kazam Rescue, a remote device access service.

Kazam aims to launch seven smartphones in the UK and in Europe before Christmas. The Kazam Trooper and Kazam Thunder smartphones range from entry level to high range smartphones, and come with dual Sim and run on Android Jellybean.

Speaking to Mobile Atkins, Kazam’s chief marketing officer, said: ‘We are looking to be disruptive on prices. As an unknown brand we need to get people’s attention and once we have their attention they will see that we also offer fantastic quality and design as well as after sales service.’

Atkins said operators and retailers had been ‘blown away’ by Kazam’s devices and its screen replacement and remote access services.

CEO Mike Coombes added: ‘The immensely positive feedback is beyond our wildest dreams. Some expected a compromise on quality because of the price but when they saw what we are delivering in terms of high quality, design and after sales service they have been extremely positive.’

The phones will be distributed by Data Select and Tech Data Mobile. Coombes and Atkins declined to reveal which retailers and operators will stock the smartphones. However, Coombes said the manufacturer had mobile phone retailers, supermarkets, electronics retailers and MVNOs lined up to buy the phones. He said: ‘Right now we are pushing harder with retailers but there are talks happening with operators and we will get there by the beginning of next year.’

Atkins criticised other manufacturers for focusing too heavily on the device in a race to out-spec the competition. He said research carried out on behalf of Kazam had shown that over 80% of consumers ‘either don’t know or don’t care’ about many of the technological features on their phones ‘such as whether their processor is the fastest’. He said: ‘It is not as central to the decision making process as manufacturers like to believe… We’re trying to move the focus away from the exclusivity of the product. Too many manufacturers are obsessed about the device. It has to be about more than that, which is why we have developed our after sales services.’

Atkins said the company wants to be seen by consumers as ‘a straight thinking, straight talking brand that shakes things up, challenges the status quo and continually asks ‘why do we do things this way?’’

He added: ‘This time we looked at after-care services, next time it could be about logistics or why people need headphones included with the device when most of them are crap. We are not shy about challenging the status quo.’

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