Apple receives boost in battle for US sales ban of Samsung devices

Apple receives boost in battle for US sales ban of Samsung devices

Apple's long-running attempts to ban the sale of some Samsung devices from sale in the United States got a boost last night, after the US appeals court ordered a judge to reconsider imposing a sales ban.

The latest legal tussle between Apple and Samsung is set to come to a close today, with the iPhone maker claiming the Korean manufacturer hurt demand for its products.

Closing arguments are set to be outlined today (Tuesday) in California. The trial is taking place because Judge Lucy Koh ruled the original jury in last year's case got around $400m in damages, out of a total $1bn that was awarded to Apple, wrong. The iPhone maker is arguing for an additional $379m in damages, with Samsung disputing this figure and claiming $52m is more accurate.

Speaking last week, Apple's marketing chief Phil Schiller said that Samsung has 'weakened the world view of Apple as this great designer and innovator'. He said: 'It's much harder to create demand and people question our innovation and design skills like people never used to.'

According to Reuters, Schiller was pushed to admit that Apple was not a pioneer in creating an easy to use device. Samsung attorney William Price said: 'Apple doesn't own a patent on a product being beautiful or sexy, isn't that correct?' Schiller replied: 'The industry does tend to follow trends of products that are doing well.'

Speaking following the appeals court ruling, Brian Love, a professor at Santa Clara Law in Silicon Valley, told Reuters that the ruling would boost Apple in future court cases. He said: 'Certainly this is not an across-board win for Apple but I think Apple is happy with this outcome.'Samsung said it was confident that an injunction would be avoided.

Author: Graeme Neill

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