Developers showing greater appetite for Windows Phone

Developers showing greater appetite for Windows Phone

Mobile app developers are increasingly targeting Windows Phone as a platform to provide applications as the OS’s stock continues to rise into 2014.

A Strategy Analytics survey showed that more than double the number of developers who made apps for Windows Phone last year would be supporting the platform in the coming 12 months. Over 32% will develop apps for the Microsoft OS in 2014, although this is still some way behind Android and iOS in the developers’ list of priorities. More than 84% intend to support the Google developed OS, up from 80% last year, while Apple’s iOS will be targeted by 68% of developers.

Despite lagging behind the OS heavyweights, Windows Phone can take heart from a gradual improvement. A Forrester survey in September had Windows Phone down as the fifth priority for app developers. HTML5 was the third most popular platform, while Firefox gained momentum, jumping from 3% to a projected 10% in a year. The report suggested Samsung’s Tizen OS would find it difficult to make headway in 2014 with only 5% of developers intending to support it.

Executive director of apps and media research, David MacQueen, said: ‘Naturally Android and iOS were the top platforms, with 84 percent and 68 percent respectively of developers targeting those platforms. That’s primarily down to the huge installed base; we asked developers why they were supporting particular platforms and the top answer for both of these platforms was the user base. 74 percent of Android developers and 65 percent of iOS developers cited this as a reason for their continued support.

‘Of the other platforms, HTML5 ranked third in terms of developer support with 33 percent developing for HTML5 this year, rising to 43 percent expecting to develop next year. However, one third of those developers use HTML5 as a tool to develop for other platforms. Therefore, it seems that Windows Phone looks set to become the third ecosystem, as predicted by Elop in the infamous ‘burning platform’ memo. In contrast, support for Symbian next year is slightly under 2 percent of our developer panel.’

Author: Matthew Campelli

Written by Mobile Today
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