Tablets to be in almost half of all UK households by the end of 2014

Tablets to be in almost half of all UK households by the end of 2014

Almost half of all households will own a tablet by the end of 2014 as low-cost variations make the device 'mass market'.

YouGov's Media, Technology and Telecoms outlook for 2014 predicts that almost 50% of all households will own a tablet, a figure facilitated by cheaper options entering the market from retailers like Tesco, Aldi and Argos. Between February and November 2013 tablet ownership rose 10 percentage points to 32%, while it is projected that more than 20 million UK households will own a device after Christmas and the January sales.

Figures released by YouGov in October found that 29% of the UK adult population had access to a tablet, although that is likely to grow over the Christmas period. A third of the non-tablet owning population is expecting to receive one over the festive season. The new research shows that 84% of the population that doesn’t own a tablet are intent on purchasing a device in the new year, while a fifth of current owners want a buy another tablet.

Director of technology and telecoms, Russell Feldman, said: ‘Tablets have truly crossed into the mass market over the past year and in the next twelve months we confidently expect close to 50% of all households in the UK to own one of the devices. Over the course of the past year ownership by household has risen from 22% in February to 32% in November. With manufacturers such as Tesco, Aldi and Argos entering the market with inexpensive tablets in the lead up to Christmas, more than 20 million are likely to have a tablet after the festive and sales period.

‘The next year will see the devices become ubiquitous, with approaching half of households having one in their possession. Tablet sales will come from both new owners entering the market for the first time but also to current owners that are looking to purchase another device. Our most recent research shows that among those who do not own a tablet, a fifth (20%) are in the market to buy one with the majority (84%) looking to purchase one in 2014. Furthermore, 15% of current owners are looking to purchase another tablet and of these 86% expect to get one by the end of 2014. It will soon be the case that people will not think whether they will get a tablet, but when.’


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