Moto G provides launchpad for Moto X success

Moto G provides launchpad for Moto X success

The successful launch of the Motorola Moto G has created a ‘solid base’  for the UK launch of the Moto X today,  Motorola UK chief Andrew Morley told Mobile.

Morley said that since the Moto G launch in November the device had gained traction with more operators signing up to range the device since launch. Motorola recently expanded its retail channels for the Moto G, adding EE, Vodafone and Virgin to the original line up of Carphone Warehouse, Phones 4u and O2. The Moto G is also ranged on Amazon which is currently listing the 16 GB Moto X it as its top selling handset  with the 8GB Moto X in second place.

The Moto G handset comes with 4.5-inch HD screen, a five megapixel camera and from this month is upgradable to Android latest update 4.2.2 (KitKat). It retails at around £130 SIM-free.

 Morley said the Moto G’s success has boosted  Motorola’s standing  with its partners and consumers. He said: ‘These are good metrics and we have had similar results in France with the Moto G,’ adding that Motorola, in partnership with parent company Google, had identified a gap in the market for a high spec device at a low price.

He said: ‘It is all about the device. There is no compromise. So you get a big screen, amazing technology, amazing design and a price point that surprises and delights. And now it is on KitKat which means that in some stores the Moto G is the only device that is running KitKat.’

Morley said Motorola is keen to use the success of the Moto G to boost the launch of the Moto X,  but from a different angle.

‘We are trying to take the success we have had with the Moto G and build on this but whereas the Moto G was an exceptional phone at an exceptional price the Moto X is more an experience led device.’

Morley said the Moto X will appeal to a broad church of consumers by offering them four key experiences – touchless, voice activated control, the ‘always on’ active display, the quick capture camera, which can be turned on by two shakes of the users wrist, and Motorola Connect, which allows users to see texts and calls via their computer’s Chrome browser and respond using their keyboard.

Morley said these key experiences, coupled with the Moto X competitively priced at £380 Sim free and free on contract at £25 a month, would challenge the market.

He said: ‘That is a crucial point. The Moto X is going head to head with devices that have been around for a long time, are long in the tooth and are not even on KitKat. Alongside the Moto G, these two products are going to be very significant.’


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