UK mobile market penetration at 92 per cent

UK mobile market penetration at 92 per cent

At least 92 per cent of adults in the UK now own a mobile phone and 175 billion text messages are sent each year, according to figures released by Ofcom.

In its report, Cost and Value of Communications Services in the UK, Ofcom said the number of people owning a mobile in the UK has increased by more than a quarter in the past decade, while the number of calls made and texts sent has more than doubled.  

Public demand for smart phones has also increased with 56 per cent of adults now owning a smartphone.  This figure is up from 27 per cent in 2011, and just over half of all consumers access the Internet on their mobiles, causing data usage to double in a year.

As technology continues to drive down costs, monthly mobile phone bills have fallen by over 65 per cent over the past ten years to an average of £12.87 in 2012.

In 2003 the average monthly spend was £39.65, but while mobile penetration has skyrocketed to some 92 per cent of households – with smartphones accounting for 69 per cent of mobiles – the cost of mobiles has plummeted.

The regulator's Cost and Value of Communications Services in the UK report, which celebrates Ofcom’s tenth anniversary,  said investment and innovation has delivered new networks and services, and increased quality and choice to consumers.

The report concluded that: "Not only are consumers spending less on their communications services, they are generally getting more for their money."

Earlier this week Mobile reported how Three and Vodafone announced they will not be following O2’s move to add mid-term price rises to new and upgrading customers’ contracts.

Both operators clarified their policies to customers following O2’s decision to add a clause in customers' contracts allowing them to increase new and upgrading customers' monthly phone bills in line with RPI from 23 January.



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